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  It’s December, so most of the year is now behind us. But there’s a new year coming up, which will give us time to live, to love, to give, and to make our dreams come true.


  Everyone in this world has a dream: a passion, duanwenw.com a vision in their life that pulls them and urges them to move forward in life. You, my friend have this vision with-in you. It "whispers" to you sometimes, but in some cases, it cries out. It cries out to be listened to and acted upon because this vision comes from your soul.


  Within this "Inner Vision" there lies the magic of living your life with passion, fulfillment and purpose. This means being true to who you really are —and li什么药可以治疗癫痫病ving your life on purpose with all the passion and energy you are capable of living.


  When you live from your inner passions, duanwenw.com you’ll never have to seek agreement from others —you’ll be the master of your own destiny. More importantly, you’ll feel whole, connected and inspired.


  Find your inner fire, your sense of purpose; this fire will help you harness strengths you’re not even aware you have. Be connected with your inner passion and live that passion daily.


  And to be eminent in it as well is twice as good. To have the first move is a great advantage when the players are equal.


  Many a person would ha治疗癫痫比较好办法ve been as unique as a phoenix if he had been the first of the sort. Those who come first are the heirs of fame. The others get only a younger brother’s allowance; whatever they do, they cannot persuade the world they are anything more than parrots.


  Extraordinary people find a new path to eminence, and prudence accompanies them all the way. duanwenw.com Because of the novelty of their enterprises. Sages write their names in the importance then second in greater exploits.


  Every action in life is to satisfy a specific purpose. The purpose or need leads to planning and action on the part of the doer1. The person, who wants to accomplish a specific goal first lays out2 a plan. By being regular in his duties and responsibilities, he works towards his goal in short bursts3. After every 羊羔疯可以治愈吗burst or period of time, he makes sure that what he has done matches what he had planned to do. The closer the plan is to what is done, the better the chance that the duanwenw.com goal can be achieved in the set time.

  In short, we identify our goals ourselves, but the planning of the education system is done by the education ministry in our area. Once we have identified our goals, we pursue specialized courses to help us reach our goals. This is done in a systematic4 manner, starting from the basics in primary school to major specialization in something like engineering. Many times, however, it so happens that we lose track and wander around trying to reach unreachable goals.

  Only realistic goals are reachable. Set achievable goals. Then, after setting a goal, duanwenw.com break it into smaller pieces that have to be achieved within certain time frames. Once all of pieces have been completed, the set goal is accomplished!














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